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 Audiology and Hearing 

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How often should I go to the audiologist?

Hearing aid check – every six (6) month 

Hearing evaluation – once per year

Always call your audiologist if you have any questions or concerns about your hearing or hearing aids.

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What happens at an audiology appointment?

1. Case history: talk about yourself, your experiences, and your goals for the visit

2. Ear check: look in and around your ear for ear wax, redness, or irritation

3. Hearing check: respond to sounds and speech

4. Discuss: talk about results and plan next steps


 Hearing Aid Use and Care 


Why do my hearing aids make a squealing sound?

What is feedback?

     The squealing sound from your hearing aids is called feedback. Feedback occurs when the sound coming out of your hearing aid gets picked up again by the microphone. When the microphone amplifies the sound again, it becomes a loop. This loop is what makes the squealing sound.


It is normal for feedback to happen when you put your hearing aids on or adjust the fit. 

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Can I wear my hearing aids when I exercise? Or when I get my hair done?

It is important to keep your hearing aids dry.

  • If you sweat a lot while exercising and feel comfortable without your hearing aids, it may be best to take them out. If you keep your hearing aids in, make sure to put them in your hearing aid dryer overnight.

  • It is best to take your hearing aids out at the salon. You want to keep your hearing aids safe from water from washing your hair and residue from hairspray or other hair products.


I felt like I could hear better before I got my hearing aids. What happened?

     Over time, your brain adjusts to how hearing aids sound. You might not have noticed how much you could not hear before hearing aids. Once you get used to listening with hearing aids, you will miss the soft environmental noise when you have them out.


     If you find that your hearing aids are no longer loud enough for you or, you always turn the volume up, your hearing may have changed. Talk to your audiologist about having your hearing checked.


 More answers coming soon!

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